Here you can find description of 60 plugins that come with BLOG:CMS. Right now the list is being built, so if you can, please help with this effort! :-)

General info for plugins:

Some plugins, in order to output any content, need to be called in your skins and/or templates. E.g. to use NP_StickyItem plugin, you have to call it in your default skin like <%StickyItem%>.

Many plugins are already pre-installed, and called in skins, e.g. to show calendar in weblog archive, <%Calendar%> plugin is called.

Plugins can have options as well, e.g. NP_CSS plugin has option META to print current CSS stylesheet, and SELECT to print a drop-down menu, so that users can select a preferred one. So, you would call <%CSS(META)%> in a weblog extraskin header, and <%CSS(SELECT)%> somewhere in your default/detailed skins.

Plugins for

Plugins for are compatible with BLOG:CMS as well (but not vice-versa), you can browse NucleusCMS plugins repository at

Plugins description:

  • NP_BlogWithOffset - shows articles from specified blog, with specified template, with offset
  • NP_Cache - create static XHTML pages and speed up your web
  • NP_Calendar - shows calendar with links to days you've posted
  • NP_Chat - simple shoutbox plugin
  • NP_CommentControl - prevents comments spam, commend flood protection, allows comment authorisations
  • NP_CommentEditLink - simple link to edit the comment from your weblog
  • NP_CommentPreview - allows to preview the comment before being posted
  • NP_Contact - contact form with possibility to send email message
  • NP_CSS - CSS styles switcher for weblog
  • NP_CSSAdmin - CSS styles switcher for admin area
  • NP_ExtraSkin - extraskins are very useful for defining skin heders, footers, and such
  • NP_FancierURL - core BLOG:CMS plugin for both normal and fancy URLs
  • NP_FancyText - converts linebreaks into paragraphs, and supports smilies
  • NP_Geshi - supports source code color highlighting of more than 20 languages
  • NP_GZip - gzip your website, to save bandtwith, do not install when you have NP_Cache installed
  • NP_HeaderNavigation - automatically creates accesibility links
  • NP_LatestComments - statistics - latest 5 comments for current weblog
  • NP_LatestDisc - statistics - latest 5 commented items for current weblog
  • NP_LatestItems - statistics - latest 5 articles published for current weblog
  • NP_Log - simple log / tool to monitor users
  • NP_MailToAFriend - email your article
  • NP_MiniForum - simple forum
  • NP_MostKarma - statistics - 5 articles for last 2 weeks with most karma points
  • NP_MostPopular - statistics - 5 articles for last 2 weeks with most comments
  • NP_MostViewed - statistics - 5 articles for last 2 weeks with most views
  • NP_New - shows new articles since last user visit
  • NP_Newsfeed - RSS reader (now obsolete, use NP_RSSAtom instead)
  • NP_OffsetArticles - shows links to previous/next 5 articles
  • NP_OffsetEntriesLink - shows go to previous/next page links
  • NP_PageLinkList - shows links to previous/next 10 pages
  • NP_PDF - export current article to PDF
  • NP_Poll - run polls in your articles, even with multiple questions
  • NP_PostMan - publish your article via MMS or email, even with images and attachements
  • NP_Print - print current article
  • NP_PunBB - share BLOG:CMS users in PunBB forum, discuss articles in a forum
  • NP_QueryLog - show searches made
  • NP_Random - show a random quote from file /skins/base/quotes.txt
  • NP_Referrer - show websites referring (linking) to your weblog
  • NP_Related - show related local items and google search relevant for current item
  • NP_RSSAtom - RSS/Atom feeds reader
  • NP_RSSAtomAggregator - RSS/Atom feeds aggregator
  • NP_RSSBlog - RSS 2.0 feed of last 20 comments
  • NP_RSSItem - RSS 2.0 feed of comments for current article
  • NP_SearchHighlight - show search words for people comming from Google and like
  • NP_SEO - create links which make it impossible for people to enhance their GPR in comments
  • NP_Signature - assing a unique id to html and/or body tag for user-defined CSS
  • NP_SmartyPants - convert straight quotes to curly quotes
  • NP_StickyItem - make one item sticky, publish it always at the beginning of your weblog
  • NP_SubCategories - support for single-level sub-categories
  • NP_Table - create lists and tables, and display them in your skins and articles
  • NP_Textile - create your articles using Textile formatting
  • NP_TrackBack - TrackBack implementation
  • NP_Viewed - count item views
  • NP_Weather - show current weather conditions
  • NP_WIE - show current number of online guests and members
  • NP_WordCount - count words in current article
  • NP_WYSIWYG - WYSIWYG article editor
  • NP_WYSIWYG_RTE - tinyRTE WYSIWYG article editor
  • NP_XMLTools - special tools for RSS 0.9, 1.0, 2.0 and Atom 0.3 feeds
  • Unordered List Item