DAP --Digital Audio Player, unique and compact exterior design with the casing made of anodized aluminum. It is perfect for your active lifestyle with various features included.

¡¸ 64/128/256MB onboard memory.
  ¡¸ FM tuner with 32 preset stations.  
¡¸ Voice recording with up to 44hours (128MB) high sensitive recording time. It is the best assisting tool for students to tape the lecture, reporters to tape the interview, businessmen to record the meeting.
  ¡¸ Built-in SD/MMC card reader, able to expand the memory with the internal SD/MMC card expansion slot.  
¡¸ U-disk, data storage of any type of files.
  ¡¸ A-B repeat function is ideal for learning new language. You can repeat certain words or phrases as many times as you wish.  
¡¸ Up to 10 hours playback time, 500mAh built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery charging through included USB cable.

¡EAudio Decode format: MP3/WMA
¡E Encoder: MP3/TVF ¡C MP3 Hi-Q: 128kbps 44.1KHz
¡C MP3 Mid-Q: 96kbps 44.1KHz
¡C Lo-Q: 32kbps 32KHz
¡C TVF 5.9kbps 8KHz (44Hr/128MB)
¡ESound performance ¡C Equalizer: rock/pop/classic
¡C Balance: right/left fine tune
¡C SNR: >90dB
¡E Interface ¡C Hardware interface: line-in/line-out/USB/speed
¡C ID3 tag: ID3 V1 (song/album/artist)
¡C PC connection: USB 1.1V; read/write at 700/600Kbps
¡C LCD: graphic LCD with blue backlight
¡C Built-in SD/MMC card reader
¡C FM tuner: 88~108 MHz Digital scan
¡E Operation ¡CCalendar: show DD/MM/YY on the bottom of main
¡CClock: show sec/min/hr on the bottom of main menu
¡CA-B loop
¡CVAD (Voice Activity Detection)
¡CCD Sync. Recording
¡E Power ¡CBattery: 500mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
¡CPlaying time:
  ¡E Up to 10 hours
¡E Soft key, power on by holding play key for 4s,
  andpower off by holding stop key for 4s
  ¡E Turn off after 60s without operating
  ¡E Press and hold stop key for 4s
  ¡E Turn on immediately while pressing any key;
  turn off automatically after 10s without any operating
¡ESoftware and system ¡C System support: Win 98/ME/2000/XP,
¡C Memory size: 64/128/256MB
¡CFile system: Supports FAT
¡ESize (L x W x H) 85.5 x 54.5 x 12mm

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