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jbarber, 15:21 UTC, Thu 23 of Jun, 2005: Can't dial out from a 7920, I initially get invalid number, then every initial attempt says line is busy and I now have an X next to the phone. Any suggestions?
fpiergentili, 19:59 UTC, Wed 22 of Jun, 2005: Audiocodes MP-108 FXO, we can not listen the conversation of the PSTN side when we are talking at the same time, its feels like we dont have full duplex in the VoIP side.
newerawisp, 19:52 UTC, Wed 22 of Jun, 2005: This Hongkong Broadband and VOIP is too expensive and a scam. VoIP should be replaced by a newely developed internet service that can be accessed by the use of a cell phone.I can be reached by mail at
iraklis031, 07:59 UTC, Wed 22 of Jun, 2005: Not Getting RING Event from X100P. Any test / Debug Application ?
jbierlein, 02:23 UTC, Wed 22 of Jun, 2005: Anyone with experience configuring Cisco 2800-series with PC Based PBX's w/Dialogic Boards and VOS5 in a SIP, FGD environment. Email me and we can talk
klenkes, 13:25 UTC, Mon 20 of Jun, 2005: SIP is working for asterisk. But IAX is nice to have. Other way round: if you ask me as your customer if I'm willing to pay (more) for IAX access, I would take SIP instead.
AirStarCommunications, 05:07 UTC, Sun 19 of Jun, 2005: Question we are a wholesale carrier, does Asterisk users have a problem using sip for termination or would it be better to support IAX?
futtie, 09:40 UTC, Fri 17 of Jun, 2005: Hi all, Is there any way to prevent Asterisk from sending the first ring?
hfwang, 09:38 UTC, Fri 17 of Jun, 2005: hmm, that URL did not work :-) Search for 'voicemail password' and authentication through vm password will pop up
hfwang, 09:38 UTC, Fri 17 of Jun, 2005: Need some extra eyes on this script please:


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Here are some of my notes and sample conf files for SCCP.

Special thanks goes to Jan-Ahrent Czmok, who helped me with the setup of my Cisco 7920 on
the Asterisk server.

Install Instructions

  • 1. Install a TFTP server some where on your network. You will need this to upload the firmware to the 7920.
  • 2. Create OS7920.txt and enter the Asterisk server ip address in xmlDefault.CNF.XML, which comes in the tar file, and place these two files along with the firmware or bin file on the TFTP server.
  • 3. If you are configuring a 7960 to work with Asterisk and SCCP you will also need to create SEP<MAC>.cnf.xml and place on the TFTP server, the 7960 (SCCP firmware 5.0.5) will continuously reboot until it finds this file.

<member priority="0">

echo -n "cmterm_7920.3.3-01-05" > OS7920.TXT
Create the file with the above command and enter the correct Firmware Binary file name (ie cmterm_7920.3.3-01-07)

  • 3. Configure the 7920 to look to your TFTP server.
  • 4. On the Asterisk server you will need to modify the hosts, modules.conf, sccp.conf and extensions.conf files.

(ip address) (server name)
Needed for RTP service (ie MYPBX)


noload =>
; You need this to stop the loading of Skinny, a part of Asterisk server.


; Sample phone 'Wireless' on extension 2123
[SEP(MAC address of phone)] (ie [SEP000D288E45B7])
type = 7920
autologin = Wireless
description = Wireless
context = sccp

id = 2123
Label = Wireless
description = Wireless
context = default
callwaiting = 1
mailbox = 2123
callerid = "Wireless", <2123>


exten => 2123,1,SetCalledParty("Wireless" <2123>)
exten => 2123,2,Dial(SCCP/Wireless)
exten => 2123,3,Voicemail,u2123


   <member  priority="0">
     <processNodeName>Asterisk IP here</processNodeName>
<versionStamp>{Jan 01 2002 00:00:00}</versionStamp>

  • 1. If the 7920 can call but the other person can not hear you this will most likely be an RTP problem. You may want to try some of the things I found to fix the problem:

    • A) Look at entry in the Hosts file. For some reason I found on mine that I had the server name included with the entry.
    • B) If you have installed additional software for linux you may need to reinstall the support for SCCP.
Please update this page with new information, just login and click on the "edit" or "comment" tab above. Get a free login here: Register Thanks! -

Created by: czmok last modification: Friday 17 of June, 2005 [17:00:29 UTC] by mali

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Posted comments
setting preferred codec?
by Anonymous on Friday 10 of December, 2004 [16:24:27 UTC] [Score:0.00]
I have my 7920 working mostly, except for when communicating with the voicemail, It appears to be using g729 codec when I connect to the voicemail. Anybody have any suggestions how to force gsm or g711a/u?

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by Anonymous on Wednesday 24 of November, 2004 [12:35:43 UTC] [Score:0.00]
Like i sayd we did exactly like in instruction above. Then we also added our phone in skinny.conf. There is example already, just check it out.

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Cisco 7920 works only for incoming calls.
by Anonymous on Wednesday 17 of November, 2004 [07:16:17 UTC] [Score:0.00]
We are managed to make Ciscos 7920 to only receive calls, we cant call or speak with it. We are using asterisk and have done all the configuratiuons mentioned here but we just cant figure out where the could be proublems.

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by dcnoye on Friday 12 of November, 2004 [18:34:00 UTC] [Score:0.00]
i have a 7920 aswell, how exactly did you get it to work. could you give more details on your current setup. thanks,

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