Specifications Sheet

Document revision:2.7 (Thu Mar 30 15:37:53 GMT 2006)
Applies to: V2.9

General Information


Major features

TCP/IP protocol suite:

Layer 2 connectivity

IA32 Hardware requirements
MIPS Hardware requirements
Hardware needed for installation time only

Depending on installation method chosen the router must have the following hardware:

Configuration possibilities

RouterOS provides powerful command-line configuration interface. You can also manage the router through WinBox - the easy-to-use remote configuration GUI for Windows -, which provides all the benefits of the command-line interface, without the actual "command-line", which may scare novice users. Web-based configuration is provided for some most popular functionality. Major features:

Router may be managed through the following interfaces (note that until a valid IP configuration is enteres, telnet and SSH connections are not possible):