Mar 15

How to install Homie libraries on Arduino IDE

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Reading time: < 1 minute The steps that explain how to install Homie libraries and its dependencies on the official documentation are a little bit tricky and some of you asked me about how I did it. So I decided to record a clip explaining the steps:

Please tell if it was useful for you, and thanks for your interest.

Local copy of the video:

Oct 17

Using Homie for a temperature sensor

This entry is part 2 of 3 in the series esp8266

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

The second episode of ESP8266 programming series. In the next video I describe how to code a firmware for ESP8266 using Arduino IDE. The purpose of that firmware is create a temperature sensor and publish the reading in a MQTT broker.

Schema of the system:


Pictures of the system, I used ESP12E Devkit and some cheap parts:




References in Aliexpress where I bought the hardware:

thermistor psu

Firmware source code is publishied in my github account: temperature sensor source code for ESP8266.

Oct 10

Homie as a convention for MQTT based IoT solutions

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series esp8266

Reading time: < 1 minute In this video I describe deeply a convention called "Homie“; thanks to that we have a set of rules and assumptions very useful when a firmware device is created and/or an IoT platform have to be configured to support those devices. I love that convention and I used it during my demonstration scenario in Lviv IT Arena.

After this video I’ll follow a series of some other videos, describing how to develop devices following Homie conventions.

Official documentation of the convention can be found in the Github Homie project.