Release 4.0, 09/17/2005

  • new plugin event PostChangePassword
  • upgraded to release 2.0 FINAL
  • images now displayed properly under WYSIWYG mode
  • new plugin NP_UserSharing which keeps users and passwords in sync amongst Weblog, Forum and Gallery
  • new Default admin area style
  • improved Czechia.css style
  • better support for MSIE 5.5/6.0
  • nicer messages for Account Creation and others
  • updated Forum password handling
  • update GeSHi engine (latest release)
  • updated Wiki content

Release 3.6.6a, 09/16/2005

  • adds support/bugfixes for PHP 5.0.5 and PHP 5.1 RC
  • solves minor security issue in NP_Contact
  • PunBB Forum is also upgraded to latest 1.2.7 release

Release 3.6.5, 07/24/2005

  • this is an important security release
  • removed XML-RPC libraries due to their vulnerability
  • PunBB forum upgraded to version 1.2.6

Release 3.6.4, 03/09/2005

  • new plugin event PrepareCommentForPreview, to which NP_CommentPreview plugin subscribes
  • redone all comment plugins, so that now you can mix freely NP_CommentPreview, NP_CommentControl, NP_FancyText, NP_Captcha and NP_Blacklist
  • FCKEditor WYSIWYG upgraded to release 2.0 RC3
  • changed Welcome article
  • solved a problem with \n characters transfered by NP_PunBB plugin

Release 3.6.2, 03/08/2005

  • PunBB forum upgrade to version 1.2.2 (security release)
  • 4 User Management plugins supplied in Forum by default
  • Geshi in both Weblog and Wiki upgraded to release 1.0.6
  • new plugin NP_SkinFiles (for
  • new plugin NP_BlackList (for
  • new plugin NP_Item to show item with a given template
  • new skinVar <%Related(local)%> and <%Related(google)%> to show search keywords

Release 3.6.0, 02/15/2005

  • many bugfixes, mainly for multiple blogs and FancuURLs handling, as reported on forums
  • added Spanish language file to BLOG:CMS core libs
  • new release of NP_PostMan plugin for publishing via email/MMS

Release 3.5.2 patch level 4, 01/17/2005

  • several bugfixes for FancyURLs handling, as reported on forums
  • new version of, WYSIWYG editor for the internet
  • added French language file to BLOG:CMS core libs

Release 3.5.2 patch level 4, 01/17/2005

  • several bugfixes for FancyURLs handling, as reported on forums
  • new version of, WYSIWYG editor for the internet
  • added French language file to BLOG:CMS core libs

Release 3.5.2 patch level 3, 12/04/2004

  • improved compatibility over different PHP and MySQL versions, as reported on the Support Forums

Release 3.5.2, 11/25/2004

  • updated core files, to be compatible with 3.15+ new plugin events
  • new plugin NP_Captcha for spam / robots control (by karma)
  • new installation script, with automated Forum, Wiki and Photo Gallery installation
  • new Wiki content (this docs)
  • Wiki ACL authentication, switched on by default
  • new Photo Gallery default pictures
  • made a default WYSIWYG editor
  • new URLs structure, /?item=this-is-a-title, or /item/this-is-a-title, or /?itemid=1
  • many bugfixes and improvements, as reported on a forum

Release 3.5, 11/14/2004

  • support for MySQL 4.0 (mysql), MySQL 4.1 (mysqli) and SQLite (PHP5),
  • integrated Dokuwiki engine -,
  • integrated Singapore Photo Gallery -,
  • integrated PunBB 1.2dev Forum -,
  • News section with Atom and RSS readers / aggregators,
  • About me / Contact section,
  • Common CSS styles for all new BLOG:CMS components,
  • Improved CSS styles,
  • New FCKEditor 2.0 Beta 2 WYSIWYG editor,
  • New tinyRTE WYSIWYG editor,
  • New Image Manager with GD2 and thumbnails,
  • New support for sub-categories in BLOG:CMS,
  • Improved RSS/Atom feeds validity for special entities.

Release 3.4.0, 08/14/2004

  • New comment toolbar, implemented via DOM, works in application/xhtml+xml.
  • New script upgrade.php, for automatic BLOG:CMS upgrades.
  • Various other improvements and fixes.
  • CSS files visual improvements.

Release 3.3.0, 08/08/2004

  • New plugin NP_Textile, wiith automatic de-textiling of articles which were written using textile.
  • Completely new skins, templates, extraskins, CSS files, for better accesibility, and functionality.
  • New JavaScript DOM comment highlighting (written by Aleto), compatible with both application/xhtml+xml and text/html.
  • Updated CSS files.
  • Improved markup for most comments (NP_MostKarma, NP_MostViewed, NP_LatestComments, NP_PDF, NP_CommentControl).
  • Fixed NP_XMLTools export for partial RSS content.
  • NP_CommentControl plugin now created full paragraphs for allowed comments.
  • New options <%if(notincache)%> and <%if(xml)%>.
  • convertor from WordPress to BLOG:CMS released
  • convertor from Movable Type to BLOG:CMS released
  • convertor from EasyBlog to BLOG:CMS release

Release 3.2.0, 08/01/2004

  • New plugin NP_HeaderNavigation for accesibility links.
  • New plugin NP_CSSSignature for automatically assigning IDs to html tag.
  • New plugin NP_CSSAdmin for style switching, per-user, for Admin Area, including 3 new Admin Area styles.
  • Improved Comment Preview, and Comments, now tags PRE, STRONG, A, EM, Q, and CITE are allowed and correctly parsed for preview.
  • Improved SEO URLs, for both category and item URLs.
  • Plugins NP_BlogWithOffset, NP_OffsetEntriesLink, NP_OffsetArticles, and NP_PageLinkList reworked to support new SEO URLs.
  • NP_CSS markup changes for better accesibility.
  • NP_Poll markup changes for better accesibility.
  • Default encoding changed to UTF-8.

Release 3.1.4, 07/14/2004

  • Important security fix. All users are recommended to upgrade immediately, especially on PHP installations with register_globals=on.

Release 3.1.3, 07/13/2004

  • Fixed problem when, if uninstalling NP_WYSIWYG plugin, some browsers did not dislpayed ADD ITEM button.

Release 3.1.2, 07/12/2004

  • Removed all occurences of <%%> from all plugin comments, it caused, in some PHP installs, parse errors. === Release 3.1.1, 07/10/2004 === * NP_WYSIWYG - added some workarounds for MSIE and Mozilla bugs. * Added new options to NP_FancyText plugin for smilies convertion, threaded-discussions, etc. === Release 3.1.0, 07/09/2004 === * NP_WYSIWYG - new plugin for Gecko-based browsers (Firefox 0.9, Mozilla 1.7) and MSIE 5.5 and higher, that allows complete XHTML 1.0 WYSIWYG article editing. * Changed bookmarklet style. * Modified JavaScript to support new editors. * Fully backward compatible. === Release 3.0.9, 07/06/2004 === * Changed $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] for $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] in plugins NP_CSS, NP_Poll, NP_PDF, NP_FancierURL. * Reverted back to “old” NP_EditControls.php plugin for WYSIWYG editor, while waiting for XHTML-capable variant. * NP_PunBB, BLOG:CMS and PunBB forum integration plugin improved, now links, anchors, images, popups are transferred as well, changed CSS to support drop image shadows. === Release 3.0.8, 07/01/2004 === * New version of NP_EditControls plugin, WYSIWYG editor, better support for media manager. === Release 3.0.6, 06/26/2004 === * New FORUM for BLOG:CMS, PunBB BLOG:CMS Edition released. * NP_PunBB plugin allows to automatically create users in PunBB forum which register in BLOG:CMS. * SEARCH.php changed to use LIKE queries for search, instead of FULLTEXT search. This results in way more reliable search results, case-insensitive search, and it is able to work on non-Pro versions of MySQL DB as well. === Release 3.0.3, 06/23/2004 === * NP_FancierURL plugin now supports categories. * NP_BlogWithOffset, NP_OffsetEntriesLink and NP_PageLinkList updated to support category if fancier URLs is on. * New BLOG:CMS logo and mini-buttons (80x15px). This is what they look like: . === Release 3.0.2, 06/14/2004 === * NP_TrackBack - removed AutoDiscovery code when editing item, cause freezing in some cases * NP_FancyText - changed algorithms for line-breaks to paragraphs convertion === Release 3.0.0, 06/12/2004 === * fixed problems with PATH_TRANSLATED (install.php), so that BLOG:CMS is fully compatible with PHP 5.0.0 RC * fixed minor problem in default skins, alternate links to Atom and RSS feeds were not prefixed by blog URL * changed in all CSS files: #content{width:770px}
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