This plugin will automatically cache pages and speed-up whole BLOG:CMS! If your weblog has a lot of visitors, this plugin is a must.

Default BLOG:CMS installation comes with this plugin pre-configured, as well as skins.

How does it work?

  • when the index, detailed, member or archive(list) page is requested for the very first time, the page will get created, and saved to a disk,
  • next time, no MySQL queries will be done, but page will be outputted to the client, with extreme speed, and no CPU utilization of webserver,
  • if you modify an article, or comment is subbmitted to it, item cache is cleared, and next time it is requested, it will be created again.

On my system, with complex layout, it takes about 0.001 seconds to deliver a page with NP_Cache, but about 0.3 seconds without it.

In your skins, you can use <%Cache%> skinVar to display data about how long it took to create the page, and some other info.

There are two possibilities to use NP_Cache.


This can be used in Skins, Templates, and/or ExtraSkins.

Only parts inbetween these 2 lines are cached:

 ... skin part 1 ... 

In this (recommended) approach, complete pages are cached. If you want to include dynamic content, like a comment form, you can do it like this:


Please note that this will give you fastest results, but you can use these conditional comments ONLY in skins, ie. NOT in ExtraSkins or in Templates.

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