Notes about programming environments and deployment


  • Staging: test your deployment process/scripting (not your code)
    • no developers access, unless they are also sysadmins
    • very restricted outbound networking
    • mirrors production as best as possible
  • Pre-production (optional): test the code in prod env wo/impacting customers
    • test app w/prod setting wo/customer interaction
  • Production: real live environment
    • developers not have access (they can be tempted to fix something)
    • deployment should be done wo/developer input
    • very limited inbound traffic, generally only the service that being served

Deployment options:

  • rsync
  • source control
  • PEAR
  • os-based

Which should you use?

  • something simple: rsync
  • multiple dispare platforms: pear
  • internal w/minimal dev input: os-based (like. yum/apt)


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