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Eines per mesurar el rendiment d’una xarxa

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NetPIPE i NetPerf són dues eines independents q serveixen per mesurar
el rendiment de qualsevol interficie conectada a una xarxa. Encara no les he
provat mai aquestes eines, però són les q s’usen en més
d’una comparativa de firewall’s i IDSs…

així doncs en prendrem bona nota per quan al projecte ho

NetPIPE (A Network Protocol Independent Performance

NetPIPE is a protocol independent performance tool that encapsulates the best
of ttcp and netperf and visually represents the network performance under a
variety of conditions. By taking the end-to-end application view of a network,
NetPIPE clearly shows the overhead associated with different protocol layers.
Netpipe answers such questions as: how soon will a given data block of size k
arrive at its destination? Which network and protocol will transmit size k
blocks the fastest? What is a given network’s effective maximum throughput and
saturation level? Does there exist a block size k for which the throughput is
maximized? How much communication overhead is due to the network communication
protocol layer(s)? How quickly will a small (< 1 kbyte) control message
arrive, and which network and protocol are best for this purpose?


Netperf is a benchmark that can be used to measure the performance of many
different types of networking. It provides tests for both unidirecitonal
throughput, and end-to-end latency. The environments currently measureable by
netperf include:

* TCP and UDP via BSD Sockets
* Unix Domain Sockets
* Fore ATM API
* HP HiPPI Link Level Access

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