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RIP – Recovery Is Possible!

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Sembla q ha sortit una utilitat GNU q és la panacea per recuperar
sistemes de fitxers q es perden, vaig corrent a fer-me’n un disquet i espero no
haver-lo de necessitar però si no és així ja
comentaré q tal ha anat.

Podeu trobar aquesta utilitat a:


la descripció q donen des del propi site és aquesta:

Recovery Is Possible (RIP) is a floppy boot/rescue/backup system. It has
support for a lot of filesystem types (reiserfs, ext2/3, iso9660, udf, XFS,
JFS, UFS, MS DOS, umsdos, and vfat) and contains a bunch of utilities for
system recovery. It might also be possible to install and boot it from a LS-120
floppy drive. It has been designed for non-networked stand-alone home PC hard
drive booting and rescue.

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