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Montant un servidor de Subversion

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El subversion pels que encara no el conegueu és un software cridat a
ser el successor del CVS. Ambdós programes són VCS, o sigui,
controladors de versions de projectes tan de software com de documents com
d’altres similars.

Doncs avui en una de les meves estones al tren m’he llegit el document que
ús adjunto que explica, com fer el següent:

Our task is to deploy a Subversion repository for our projects; it must
be accessible both from our internal network and the Internet. Our organization
already runs an Apache Web Server, so we will use it as our gateway to the
repository. Thus, the Subversion configuration must meet the following

* We want to host multiple projects in the repository, grouped as public
and private.

* We want our developers to have unlimited access the projects in which
they are involved from anywhere around the world.

* We want other people to have read-only access to our public

Espero que el troveu tan útil com jo, el document l’he tret de la
Linux Journal: Setting Up Subversion for
One or Multiple Projects

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