Alguns mòduls d’apache molt útil

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A la web Out of Order vaig arribar
per referència d’un article d’en Xavier Cababllé, allà
vaig veure que hi havia uns quants mòduls d’apache prou interessants.
Així que m’he decidit a escriure aquest article i comentar els moduls en

mod_authn_dbi provides Authentication against an SQL
database back-end. It uses the application-independent abstraction layer
provided by libdbi. Database drivers for libdbi are provided by the
libdbi-drivers, project. At the moment, drivers are provided for MySQL,
PostgreSQL, SQLite and mSQL.

mod_ftpd is a protocol module that allows Apache 2.0 to
accept FTP connections. This allows the FTP component to take advantage of
Apache’s authentication system, filters and module support to easily extend the
FTP server.

mod_highlight provdes syntax highlighting as an Apache
2.0 Filter Module. By Embeding the Colorer-Take5 library the module can
process just about any programing language.

mod_log_sql is a logging module for Apache 1.3 and 2.0
which logs all requests to a database.
** Per aquest mòdul seria
interessant trobar una eina de gestió de la bbdd que es genera amb els
logs i poder-los tractar dinamicament, segurament hi ha d’haver alguna eina que
ho fa però la desconec, si algú la coneix que avisi **

mod_svn_view provides a web-based view of a Subversion
repository, similar to Chora, or viewcvs. What makes mod_svn_view different is
it uses the Subversion libraries directly instead of executing the command line
client, and thus has tremendous speed. It is also written in C as an Apache 2.0
module and generates a simple XML output that can be run through XSL
Transformations via mod_transform to generate a customized look.

mod_transform is a filter module that allows Apache 2.0
to do dynamic XSL Transformations on either static XML documents, or XML
documents generated from another Apache module or CGI program.
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