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MirrorFolder – fent imatges de carpetes pel win

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De fet, no és res de l’altre món MirrorFolder però el que he trobat molt interessant és el fet que s’integra amb l’explorador de windows i ens permet tenir l’opció disponible amb el botó dret del ratolí. A mi potser no em farà massa servei, però en entorns de clients en els que el ‘típic jefe’ té el portatil i el desktop en win i vol tenir documents sincronitzats crec que és una eina molt útil i senzilla d’usar.

Llistat de funcionalitats:

  • Simple, intuitive and yet powerful user interface through property page of the folder in Windows Explorer. Fully integrated with Windows and no need to run a separate program file to use this software.
  • Works on “setup and forget” principle, i.e., after you setup a mirror of a folder/drive you do not need to remember about it. Mirroring will be done continuously and reliably in the background saving your valuable time.
  • Supports real-time mirroring of folders/drives at system level. It is implemented in a device driver that performs RAID-1 type of mirroring on local/network drive in software on per file basis.
  • Supports automatic synchronization of mirrors at specified time interval through a service program in the background.
  • Mirroring is supported on all kinds of drives, e.g., fixed local drives, network drives on LAN, removable drive/disk, etc.
  • It can mirror exclusively opened files in real-time mirroring mode.
  • Total flexibility in choosing what to mirror. You can chose to mirror an entire drive or a single file in a folder. Exclusion of some file types/folders from mirroring is also supported.
  • Uses Unicode on all versions of Windows. So, it can handle file/path name written in any non-English character set.
  • Allows automatic archiving of mirror files inside a ZIP file periodically.
  • Uses very little system resources, e.g., memory, processor time, etc., to run itself.

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