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Table about Industry 4.0 on Catalan Telecommunications day

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Last Thursday I participated in a round table about Industry 4.0 as part of the Catalan Telecommunications Day, really interesting event in a very nice place. I haven’t been in Cosmo Caixa since it was called “Museu de la Ciència” a very long time ago. But I have to say that the place is very trendy and awesome.


Coming back to the event, I met some good friends and it’s always a pleasure but I also meet very interesting new people with who I’ll be happy to keep on talking and going deep on aligning synergies. One of those are i2cat people, guys we have to find the proper way to collaborate because again and again we meet each other with very compatible points of view.


About the content of my exposition I want to remark two things:

  • Firstly I think we have the debt to leadership the fourth industrial revolution, and catch up all those companies that never did the third revolution no the present. Catalonia has very powerful minds with a lot of entrepreneurs now it’s time to work together and demonstrate what we can do.
  • Secondly summarize the Fernando Trías de Bes article in “La Vanguardia”
    • In the 90s they said that Internet is going to be like another TV channel in our TVs; companies only need to create a Web page and they are ready for the future. But in the end it changed the ‘P’ of product in the marketing strategy.
    • Early 2000 e-commerce get it real and they said that it’s only another distribution channel, but finally it has been the change of two ‘P’s point of sale and price, both of them became obsolete.
    • In 2006 the revolution come through the social networks, they said only this is only personal webs instead of enterprise web; just create some accounts in those social networks and that’s all.  But ‘P’ of promotion has been redefined with new market segmentation.
    • Since 2010 smartphones sales increased dramatically and they said this is just like a mini PC, just adapt web pages and everything is done. But a lot of markets disappeared or changed deeply: photo cameras, music CDs, telephony, etc. So ‘P’ of point of sale and ‘P’ of product totally redefined. Virtual and physical experiences unified.
    •  First decade of new century Internet 2.0 has been consolidated, they said this is just web where people can participate. Companies only need to add a corner in their webpages where can discuss. ‘P’ of prices digital money and a lot of new business models.
    • Currently we talk about IoT and they say this is about adding electronics to the physical world.  Instead of that what happen is all product in a digital environment tends to be converted in a service. Again the ‘P’ of product is obsolete and has to be totally redefined.


Having that in mind IMHO we have huge opportunities within reach.

One thought on “Table about Industry 4.0 on Catalan Telecommunications day

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