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Abeni – editor gràfic d’ebuils

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Abeni és una IDE Per crear ebuilds (paquets de Gentoo). esta escrit en Python i usa wxPython per generar el seu aspecte GUI. Sembla una bona solució per tal de facilitar la vida als administrador o desenvolupadors que necessitin incorporar nous ebuils al portage.


  • repoman CVS commits for Gentoo devs
  • Create patches with ease.
  • Create syntactically correct ebuilds
  • Access emerge and ebuild commands easily via Toolbar, Fkeys or menu.
  • Converts Source Forge URI’s to mirror:// format automatically
  • Scintilla editor with syntax highlighting of ebuild private portage functions or use your favortite external editor.
  • Function templates for creating live CVS ebuilds, games etc.
  • Toggle FEATURES=”noauto” with icon on toolbar
  • Icon on toolbar to open an xterm in ${WORKDIR}, CVS or ${D}
  • Shows which directories are unpacked – figure out ${S} automagically
  • After you unpack, configure and Makefile are displayed
  • View metadata.xml or edit it when committing to CVS with repoman.
  • Project management, interfaces with Bugzilla, submit ebuilds from Abeni.
  • Be lazy with DEPEND and let Abeni figure out the versions of packages installed
  • Ebuild Quick Reference
  • repoman scan
  • View diff of your ebuild vs version in PORTDIR
  • View eclasses or portage private functions with the built-in help system

Ara mateix encara esta marcat com a hard-masqued dintre del portage però espero que ben aviat pugui passar com a mínim a ~x86.