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MacBook Air battery explossion

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Two months ago I went to get my “Mac Book Air mid2011 version” and found that:

The batteries had exploded! It is curious bacause I have laptops saved for many years, one would say it has almost 20 years. Obviously the battery lasts very little but has never exploited. It is incredible that a brand that cares the quality of its product as Apple and a product that was the best in its class 5 years ago; today without more than being on a shelf it has exploded from one day to the other.

In Apple store didn’t want to know about the problem because it is out of guarantee; luckly it wasn’t my daily laptop and after buying a new battery in ebay I have changed the battery for les than 50€ and the laptop keeps running.


I don’t know if anybody else suffered that experience but IMHO Apple has failed and I’m very disappointed with their reaction with my issue with the product. I know it’s not on guarantee but I paid close to 1.700€ on a Laptop less than 5 years ago and I don’t expect that. Clearly this is a manufacturing problem with the battery. I have to recognize once again that Apple has very good quality products, or not, but day after day their customer support is being worst.

Just a final note my actual laptop is a Toshiba, I’m not proud of it but it works quite good so far today is for far more powerful than current MacBook Air with the same weight amd I don’t have to carry a lot of connectors and cables because everything is embedded, included the 4G modem.

El Podcast disponible al directori d’iTunes

Reading time: < 1 minute Després de que diverses persones m'ho demanessin fa un mes més o menys em vaig donar d'alta al directori de podcasts del iTunes. Així doncs, els que tingueu un iPhone, iPad o qualsevol altre andromina compatible amb iTunes podrà localitar el meu podcast buscant simplement 'oriolrius.cat', l'enllaç cap a la pàgina del podcast:

screenshot oriolrius.cat a iTunes

Steve Jobs xerrada a Standford

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Sovint ens preguntem perquè certs persones són més mediatiques que altres. Doncs bé, jo fa molt de temps que sentia un gran respecte per l’Steve Jobs. Però tampoc coneixa massa bé certs aspectes de la seva vida, potser l’únic que sabia d’ell era el que deien a la pel·lícula de Pirates de Silicon Valley. Fa unes setmanes casualment vaig veure en un blog que es referenciava una xerrada que havia donat a una cerimònia de graduació a Stanford i aquest cap de setmana la vaig mirar mentre anava en tren. La qüestió és que vaig quedar tan gratament sorprès de les seves paraules que volia recomanar-la, especialment a l’Ernest al que crec que les seves paraules li seran especialment d’ajuda en aquest moment de la seva vida.