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MacBook Air battery explossion

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Two months ago I went to get my “Mac Book Air mid2011 version” and found that:

The batteries had exploded! It is curious bacause I have laptops saved for many years, one would say it has almost 20 years. Obviously the battery lasts very little but has never exploited. It is incredible that a brand that cares the quality of its product as Apple and a product that was the best in its class 5 years ago; today without more than being on a shelf it has exploded from one day to the other.

In Apple store didn’t want to know about the problem because it is out of guarantee; luckly it wasn’t my daily laptop and after buying a new battery in ebay I have changed the battery for les than 50€ and the laptop keeps running.


I don’t know if anybody else suffered that experience but IMHO Apple has failed and I’m very disappointed with their reaction with my issue with the product. I know it’s not on guarantee but I paid close to 1.700€ on a Laptop less than 5 years ago and I don’t expect that. Clearly this is a manufacturing problem with the battery. I have to recognize once again that Apple has very good quality products, or not, but day after day their customer support is being worst.

Just a final note my actual laptop is a Toshiba, I’m not proud of it but it works quite good so far today is for far more powerful than current MacBook Air with the same weight amd I don’t have to carry a lot of connectors and cables because everything is embedded, included the 4G modem.

Primeres conseqüències de la calor…

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senzillament aquesta nit (jo que em pensava que a la nit refresca) el transformador del switch que ja portava els seus dos anyets (aprox) sense parar-se ha fet figa. Així que m’he aixecat i he comprovat que no tenia xarxa després de comprobar que tot estava bé i que no tenia connectivitat entre ordinadors he vist que tots els llums del switch estaben apagats i per sort només he hagut de posar un altre transformador perquè tornessin a fer pampallugues…uf!!! sinó ja em veia jo tot el dia sense switch :'(

Doncs tot arreglat… a veure si cauran gaires més coses aquest estiu, ja que la calor no para!