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MacBook Air battery explossion

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Two months ago I went to get my “Mac Book Air mid2011 version” and found that:

The batteries had exploded! It is curious bacause I have laptops saved for many years, one would say it has almost 20 years. Obviously the battery lasts very little but has never exploited. It is incredible that a brand that cares the quality of its product as Apple and a product that was the best in its class 5 years ago; today without more than being on a shelf it has exploded from one day to the other.

In Apple store didn’t want to know about the problem because it is out of guarantee; luckly it wasn’t my daily laptop and after buying a new battery in ebay I have changed the battery for les than 50€ and the laptop keeps running.


I don’t know if anybody else suffered that experience but IMHO Apple has failed and I’m very disappointed with their reaction with my issue with the product. I know it’s not on guarantee but I paid close to 1.700€ on a Laptop less than 5 years ago and I don’t expect that. Clearly this is a manufacturing problem with the battery. I have to recognize once again that Apple has very good quality products, or not, but day after day their customer support is being worst.

Just a final note my actual laptop is a Toshiba, I’m not proud of it but it works quite good so far today is for far more powerful than current MacBook Air with the same weight amd I don’t have to carry a lot of connectors and cables because everything is embedded, included the 4G modem.

X files: mouse pointer starts moving by itself

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

It seems a jog but it’s true, after buying my Toshiba Portégé Z30-A-180 PT243 I was so proud about the performance and laptop features. By default it was running a Windows 7 and after some months of using mouse pointer started moving drawing a diagonal in the screen there wasn’t a stela just a diagonal movement and during that automatic movement there were no way to get mouse control. New Toshiba laptops has a touchpad and a trackpoint a none of them was responding while that happened. Because that only happens time to time I didn’t pay attention to the problem.

Toshiba Portégé - Trackpoint and Touchpad

Last Christmas holidays I updated the laptop to Windows 10, and I was very happy to see how 99.9% of applications and configurations was maintained and running perfectly. But after some weeks mouse pointer movements return to my life, some times very often and some times less usual. But one afternoon I was totally desperate with that issue and I decided to look it up on Google. I found a thread on Toshiba support forum where more people was talking about the same issue. Proposed solutions are not perfect but helpful for me, they talk about a static electricity problem that affects trackpoint and the best option is disable it to forget the problem. Luckly I don’t use trackpoint because for me touchpad is more confortable and disable trackpoint is good enough solution in my case.

So if you have automatic mouse movements in Toshiba Portégé Z30 disable the trackpoint, don’t forget that Toshiba refers to that device as a Accupoint. Below you have a capture of the instructions to do that:

Disable Accupoint II

Disable Accupoint

I hope this blog entry has been so helpful as it has been for me.

Arreglant la bateria de la càmara de fotografiar

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

La semana passada Estefania va posar a carregar la bateria (NP-20) de la seva càmara de fotografia Casio Exilim EX-Z77 i a diferència del que fa normalment, o sigui encendres una llum vermella fixe, aquesta es va posar a parpadejar i no hi havia manera de que es carregués. Després dels típics moments de pànic i mal rotllo vaig posar-me a buscar per internet i vaig veure que hi havia un iluminat en un forum, no oficial de Casio, que deia que ell havia agafat un transformador AC/DC de 9V (les bateries són de 4,2V) i l’havia connectat directament a la bateria durant 30s i després la cosa s’havia arreglat.

Digueu-me expeditiu però després de buscar transformadors de 9V per casa no en vaig trobar cap, el que més s’assemblava era un de 12V. Així que em vaig aventurar a connectar els pols positiu i negatius directament a la càmara i després d’alguna petita xispa i 12s (aproximadament) vaig veure que els connectors es posaven una mica rojos així doncs, vaig parar. Després d’això al posar la bateria a connectar tot va funcionar a la perfecció. Increible però cert.

La veritat és que no tinc cap explicació a ciència certa del que va passar, la meva teoria és que les bateries aquestes porten algún tipus de xip (molt bàsic) o quelcom similar en el seu interior i que fent això aquest per sobrecàrrega es reseteja o algo semblant. Si algú en sap més del tema i em pot donar la seva opinió/explicació serà benvinguda.

error booting gentoo linux: populating /dev with device nodes…

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Des d’ahir a la tarda que li dono voltes a un problema arrancant una gentoo que fa mesos que funcionava sense problemes. La qüestió és que de bones a primeres va començar a donar un problema i no continuava arracant. L’última informació que donava el /sbin/rc era un error a la línia 24 i just abans publicava aquesta informació: populating /dev with device nodes…. L’error era raríssim deia algo així com: /sbin/rc: line 24: cannot redirect standard input from /dev/null gentoo. Aquest línia del fitxer /sbin/rc diu el següent:

linia 23 - einfo " Populating /dev with device nodes..."
linia 24 - try tar -jxpf /lib/udev-state/devices.tar.bz2 -C /dev

Finalment la solució era tan senzilla com comentar la línia 24, fàcil… però complicat de trobar. La solució l’he trobat gràcies a una pàgina boníssima sobre com funciona el UDEV: Computer Help for the New and Veteran User for Linux: UDEV Setup. Realment recomano moltíssim la pàgina és boníssima.

Sobre el meu error jo entenc que el problema és que per algún problema d’incosistència del sistema de fitxers s’ha perdut l’inode que apuntava a devices.tar.bz2 que és una còpia dels fitxers de /dev. Llavors els tar de la línia 24 fallava i és clar no es podia descomprimir. Al comentar-lo l’inici segueix perfectament i els pròpi UDEV genera els fitxers de /dev dinàmicament a mesura que es van requerint.