Privacy Policy for ShortURL Chrome Extension called pygmy and ShortURL service associated with the extension

The service

Your short URL service extension based on pygmy ( With this extension you can short URL while you are browsing with Chrome. Take a look on the uploaded video in the screenshots for an example of usage. By the default the service used is, if you want to use another service just go the extension options and set up the backend URL.

Data stored (Information Collected)

The only data which the service stores is the URL which has to be shortened. As you can imagine is impossible to give a short URL service if this information is not stored.

Google Chrome Extension send information using HTTP POST action through a secured communication using SSL/TLS.

There is no correlation between user and URL posted.

There is no other user information stored by the service.


As you can see the of the service ( uses ciphered protocols for giving the service.

Issues and support

Please contact me via email at for whatever issue you have found in the service or any question about it.


This is not a business, or any other economic activity around this service. I just created it by my personal use and I decided to publish open for the rest of the world.