Prometheus – Llibreria de PHP

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes
Mirant les novetats de freshmeat he vist aquesta llibreria de PHP q incorpora
un munt de noves classes d’objectes al PHP, esta molt currat i te moltes
cosetes, en propers dies incloure comentaris més concrets sobre el q

Llistat de clases q incorpora la llibreria:
AutoLoad – The ability to load just the classes you need and the classes
dependencies. I.e. i want to use the mail object, and nothing else AutoLoad(
‘Mail’ );.
Sessions – Allows storage of variables, across pages by keeping state in a
database. Database Independence – There is a framework for a database
independence layer (Mysql, Oracle, and Postgres are supported).
BenchMarking – A object for benchmarking code segments. UserAuth – An
authentication class that takes plugable backend drivers. I.e. i would like to
auth this part of the site off of un*x password files.
UserDomain – A virtual “domain” for the users within a website. This provides a
abitrary way to group users.
WebClient – Identifies webbrowser capabilities, and features.
Unix Utilities – The ability to read unix password files.
FileSize – Get the file size for a file and format it with the proper
conversions (i.e. 1024 = 1k ).
PageNavigator – A utility object that allows you to create multiple page
navigation based upon the concept of displaying x of n items on each
UrlObject – A utility for creating urls MimeObject – Contains mime mappings,
and is a able to figure out mime mappings for most files. Mail – The ability to
read and send mail, via IMAP and local sendmail. In the future there will be
SMTP and POP3 support also.
AppServer – A series of objects to help enable php into a app server style
Templates – The ability to parse templates, both with and without php,
automatic interpolation of files.