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Col·lecció d’articles de la Linux Gazette

Reading time: 6 – 9 minutes

Doncs fa un rato m’he dedicat a repassar els números dels
últims dos anys d’aquesta històrica revista de Linux: Linux Gazette… després de llegir-me
tots els ‘issues’ he fet una llista de links als articles més


Subnetting your
local network with DHCP LG #83
Handling Power
Status Using snmptrapd LG #83
Kerberos: The
watchdog of the Ether LG #82
A Linux Fax
Server for a Windows Network LG #79
Wide Area Network Packet Capture and
Analysis LG #62
ssh suite:
Sftp, scp and ssh-agent LG #63
Speeding Up
Your Net Browsing with PDNSD Domain Name Caching LG #65
Your Own Home
Domain With ADSL LG #65
Choosing Good
Passwords LG #68
PDF Service
with Samba LG #72
Play with the
Lovely Netcat LG #74
Implementing a
Bridging Firewall LG #76

Linux bàsic:

Introduction to
Shell Scripting LG #53
Introduction to
Shell Scripting LG #54
Introduction to
Shell Scripting–The Basics LG #52

Linux avançat:

Making Your Own
Toy Boot Floppy LG #84
Booting Linux
from the NT Boot Menu LG #61
Clearing out
the Master Boot Record (MBR) LG #63
Working with
Micro-Distributions, or Linux in Your Pocket LG #77
Replicating a
Linux System – Yet Another Method LG #83
Process Tracing
Using Ptrace LG #81
Process Tracing
Using Ptrace, part 2 LG #83
Using the
Logical Volume Manager LG #84
Linux on Root Devices Unsupported by Your Distribution LG #73
How To Make A
Hotkey On The Linux Console LG #55
The Deep, Dark
Secrets of Bash LG #55

Quatre nocions de com escriure el nostre propi sistema operatiu:

Writing Your
Own Toy OS (Part I) LG #77
Writing Your
Own Toy OS (PART II) LG #79
Makefiles: A Mini Tutorial LG #83
Writing your
own Toy OS – Part III LG #82
Makefiles: A Mini Tutorial LG #83


Makefiles: A Mini Tutorial LG #83
GUI Programming
in C++ using the Qt Library, part 1 LG #78
application development using PyGTK LG #78
LinuxToday links and Linux Gazette’s TOC with Python (and Perl) LG
Kaptain – A
Dialog Creator LG #64
Encrypting Data
in Web Forms LG #59
Introduction to
Shell Scripting LG #57
Management with Procmail LG #73
Introduction to
UNIX Assembly Programming LG #53


Have Your PC
Listen to the Radio For You LG #62
Installing dict
– An On-Line Dictionary LG #63
Managing MP3
Playlists, The One UNIX Way LG #73
Displaying Real
Time System information on a LCD Display using LCDproc & lcdmod LG

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