VIA treu al mercat una consola per jocs de PC

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

És una passada tios, per flipar, abans de dir q té i q no
té mireu això:

La nota de prensa de via: Eve Mobile Gaming Console.

No no! no m’he passat als jocs, però heu pensat tot el q es pot fer
amb un ‘cacharro’ com aquest:

· Reproductor multimedia portatil
· Frontend del MythTV
· Disc dur portatil
· etc

tot això sense pensar gaire, imaginat si li dones una mica al cap tot
el q es deu poder fer amb el trasto aquest. Si voleu veure les
característiques, llegiu el cos:

· 533 MHz Eden-N Processor
· 133MHz Bus
· SSE and MMX instruction Set support
· 128MB DDR266 SDRAM
· High-Performance 64-bit DDR SDRAM Controller
· 20GB Hard Drive – Data transfer rates of up to 133 MB/s
· VIA CN400 Digital Media Chipset – Integrates S3 Graphics UniChrome Pro
Graphics Core
· 200Mhz Graphics Engine Clock
· 128-bit 3D Graphics Engine
o Pixel rate up to 200 million pixels per second, 2 textures each
o Triangle rate up to 4.5 million triangles per second
o Microsoft DirectX 7.0, 8.0, and 9.0 compatible
o Microsoft DirectX Texture Compression (DXTC, S3TC)
o OpenGL™ Support
o Z-bias, LOD-bias, Polygon Offset, Edge Anti-aliasing and Alpha Blending
o Specular Lighting
MPEG2 & MPEG4 Hardware decoding

· VIA Vinyl Six-channel Audio
· Full Immerzio™ Gaming support
o EAX® 1.0, EAX® 2.0
o DirectSound3D®
o I3DL2™
o A3D® 1.0

LCD Display
The Eve Mobile Gaming Console integrates a 4″, 640×480 TFT LCD screen. In
supporting up to 640×480 resolutions, the Eve Console can easily play all PC
games natively.

Hard Drive
The Eve Console includes a single 1.8″ 20GB hard drive for storing the OS and
the game data. This is sufficient to store a large library of games and digital
media content. This is transferred to the system either via wireless LAN or by
USB2.0 pass-through to a PC.

Prismatic Lithium-Ion batteries are the current favorite choice for the
console. Two packs of batteries are provided so that the batteries can be
hot-swapped for continuous, uninterrupted play.

Port List
The ports that are user-accessible on the Eve Console include:
· Power jack (DC barrel type)
· 2x USB 2..0 jacks (Type A host style)
· 1x Compact FLASH type II slot
· 2x battery slots (as specified as handgrips)
· 1x smartcard card slot (15mm x 1mm slot)
· 2x 1/8″ stereo jack for headphones out & microphone in
· 1x 1/8″ stereo jack for composite video out
· 802.11b wireless LAN

Button List
· D-pad (WASD)
· L/R triggers
· Cluster of 4 action buttons
· Line of 6 auxiliary function buttons