Maia Mailguard: GUI d’amavisd-new (PHP+perl)

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

A tavĂ©s d’un article de la Linux Journald he trobat una eina que em canviarĂ  la vida a nivell del correu brossa, una passada:

The Maia Mailguard project began its life as a simple Web front end for amavisd-new, designed to let users
adjust their content filter settings and manage their quarantines from a convenient interface. The project
proved quite popular with ISPs, Web-mail providers and companies offering off-site content filtering,
however, and the needs of these larger-scale clients soon developed Maia Mailguard into something much more

Maia Mailguard is a complete spam and virus management system, consisting of PHP, SQL and Perl scripts, a
MySQL or PostgreSQL database and, of course, amavisd-new, SpamAssassin and supported virus scanners. Arrays
of content filters can be managed from a single Maia interface, all sharing the same SQL database. Designed
to make content filtering, quarantine management and spam reporting easier, Maia Mailguard is in many ways a
new kind of tool for mail users.